Writing a perfect Course Work Assignment

Writing a perfect Course Work

Students are always expected by their tutors to write their coursework assignments effectively. In this blog, we provide learners with tips that will not only help them understand the entire concept of coursework but also how to effectively pen it down.

Generally a coursework is a kind of work performed by students or trainees for the purpose of learning. While writing any coursework assignment, author should have to directly address a main question or issue regarding their subject.  Additionally, the writer ought to add new insight to the subject not provided in lectures, readings, or class discussions.  The writer has retained nearly all of the knowledge that is presented in class.  He is able to synthesize the knowledge in new ways and relate to material not covered in their history course.

A General advice for writing any coursework: 

  • The writer has to select and use information to answer the specific question set.
  • Write coursework in his own words – don’t copy out chunks of information from a text.
  • Take note of what band 3 and 4 answers look like in the practice coursework.  This will help the author to answer the question in a way that will earn high marks.
  • For writing a successful history coursework, all might have to keep to the word limit (1250 – 1500 words per assignment).
  • After writing the coursework, the writer has to present his work neatly and accurately.
  • Ask for help if they get stuck.  By asking help from their tutors/course instructors they can get some tips and hints. It is their responsibility to guide learners towards the correct direction.
  • While writing any coursework assignment, write it in your own pace. Try to pace yourself.  Coursework done at the last minute will not reflect your true ability/personal best.

What resources will I need to write history coursework? 

For the most coursework the writer needs a core textbook, class notes and any relevant or credible internet material/resources.  It would be helpful if you researched the background to the topic under investigation or issues involved in the assignment by reading up on some novels, information books and by watching television programs and investigating from some research points and through the internet.

The main purpose of coursework is for the learner to produce a content in their own original, corrected work.  The teacher cannot return your work for improvement once it is finished and handed in.  Throughout your coursework journey you may seek advice on:

  • Useful resources
  • Guidance with understanding questions and what is expected by the tutor.
  • General advice on how to write the assignments eg format etc.

It is important that you work towards your final piece of work in stages and take all the advice available. It should contain a clear argument—i.e., lets the reader know exactly what the author is trying to communicate. Also the writer can collect the evidence and proofs from a wide range of sources, including lectures and course readings.  When required, author also consults scholarly books, websites, journal articles, etc. not explicitly discussed in class.

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