world Issue: Childhood Consumerism


APA style paper

World Issue Analysis
Topic: Childhood Consumerism
EX: Positive & Negative impacts (mainly discuss it as an issue), how it impacts businesses globally

Instructions: This paper consists of the analysis of an issue that impacts businesses across the international spectrum, an opportunity to both, apply the global concepts as well as further develop the ability to think about business strategies and ethics in the global context. In your analysis please comment on the following:

1. What is the issue about?
2. What has this issue affected (either negatively or positively)? The industry/i.e., a
particular company, a country as a whole, etc. if applicable?
3. How can such an issue affect the business scope of a company or companies, e.g.: if the company operates as an international, multinational, or conglomerate entity,
etc., if applicable?
4. If applicable analyze and describe how a company’s financial performance, success, strategies, marketing etc. have been (either negatively or positively), affected by such an issue?
5. Suggest your own managerial implications about the issue?
6. Suggest ways how you would deal in similar situations?

**The analysis format should consist of part I, the introduction to the case; part II the body; and part III the conclusion. In the conclusion feel free to add your managerial implications and make personal inferences as to how or what you would do if you were to deal with a similar situation/decision. A maximum of 2 tables and 2 figures are allowed in the analysis


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