Workplace Health and Safety Management research paper

Individual work, no collaboration.

This assessment gives you the opportunity to investigate an aspect of WHS in depth from a human resources management perspective.


On completion of this assessment, students will be able to:

demonstrate the ability to apply contemporary methods and concepts in the identification and assessment of complex hazards and the assessment of risk
demonstrate the ability to apply appropriate control measures and management activities to eliminate or control complex hazards
demonstrate the ability to systematically implement control measures using human resources management principles
demonstrate advanced skills in research and report writing
Assessment activity

Select a workplace, ideally one you can access or an organisation of which you have some knowledge.

Your task is to identify ONE emerging issue of some significance and relevance to the organisation and develop a systematic approach to managing the risks.

Consider how you would determine the magnitude of the risk and who is is exposed and how they are exposed (i.e. you must work through a process by which to identify and assess the risks) (5 marks)

Determine and describe appropriate control measures in accordance with the ‘hierarchy of controls’ and ‘as low as reasonably practical’ concepts (5 marks)

Determine and describe THREE human resources management processes for effectively implementing these control measures (so that the control measures are systematic and sustainable) (15 marks)

Briefly outline how you could measure or evaluate the effectiveness of management action (5 marks)

Presentation, format and referencing (5 marks)

General requirements

Once again, your assignment should be a practically oriented and detailed report that provides recommendations suitable to be delivered to a senior manager. You should assume the role of the Human Resources Management Consultant. You should make provisions for confidentiality and consent as described for Assessment Two. The report should be structured formally with headings, including a contents page and executive summary. The contents page, references and appendices will not be included in the word count.


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