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Who is Funnier: Gregory Popovich vs. Charles Chaplin?

Since the invention of the camera by Alexander Walcott, photograph and film preservation has become a reality. It is through his invention that we can either acknowledge or dread people, activities, and events that happened before us. Consequently, we can refer to past events that we have seen and experienced through the film. For instance, we can compare comedy in the past and comedy today. Charles Spencer Chaplin was a comedian and a stage actor in the 20th century. He started his comedy craft while still young in England during the silent era. Before moving to the USA while he was 19 years, he had already become a crown figure in the suburbs and all of England. Everyone liked his comedy and after that people termed his films funniest of all time. However, his reign as the best humorist is disputed in the 21st century as many comedians came up from all parts of the world. In spite of a large number of actors at this time, who best to compare to “Charlie Chaplin” other than Gregory Popovich, the pet trainer? Gregory Popovich is a pet trainer who performs comedy and juggling with his pet animals. Between the two crowns, who is funnier?

Chaplin has earned great fame in the movie industry for being a very comic actor. Through his comic creativity, Chaplin is one of the greatest film producers who incorporate a great deal of satire in his works. Chaplin’s humor is seen in different works; including the tramp character that he usually executes Chaplin’s attire is the most compelling humor that first meets his audience (Hansmeyer). His choice of clothes and hats contributes greatly to his humor even before the act! On the other hand, Popovich is a stage actor. He can induce laughter to his audience through his pets. In fact, he is on record referring to his show saying that, “the animals are the actors, and I am their facilitator.” He teaches people how to make great friends with their pets (McKinnell).

In the year 1921 Chaplin produced one of the best comedy films of all times called ‘The kid.’ The film has music playing in the background and no voices from either Chaplin or the Kid (silent film). However, the subtitles and actions of the characters are the funniest things one would ever watch. According to The Atlanta Constitution (1921), The Kid was the best and funniest movie Chaplin had made with a personal attachment. With a little help from the camera and the YouTube Company; the film still blocks buster today. However, the expression of political beliefs by Chaplin made his legacy film stroll as countries failed to air his films. Popovich has won several awards in the show business including a Guinness World Record for the best juggler in the world. His show is friendly to all kinds of audience and is accepted all over the world. However, the fact that Chaplin has an award named after him crown it all since we are yet to see one after Popovich (Shedden).

Chaplin has ones and again portrayed his genius mind in comedy. Chaplin is also his producer and director for all his films. With all the work, he put into his films, Chaplin never disappoints in delivering the humor to his audience. On the contrary, Popovich who has hired a producer and a director falls short in his craft as people have referred to his comedy as only fit for children (O’Connor). In fact, Popovich should stick to just juggling in circus theaters and leave comedy to those who have perfected it.

Acting as the judge and jury for this case, I would comfortably rule for the all-time comedy genius Charles Spencer Chaplin.

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