What is the relationship between women in the media and sexism

Must include at least 15 peer reviewed journals or books, literature review, a statement of purpose to bring together a representative but not necessarily exhaustive review of relevant literature both quantitative and qualitative that allows you to build a substantive argument for a purpose research study.
A logical organization of the sub sections of the review of literature.
Cohesive and convincing transition between paragraphs and subsections to continue to reinforce your purpose statement.
Proper use of APA citation format in both the text of the manuscript and in the references.
A review that goes beyond just summary and that each publication cited furthers your argument for the importance and relevance of the proposed research.
The inclusion of research questions and hypotheses that are well articulated and measurable
Operational definitions of your variables of interest in the proposed study.
A brief description of the procedures for the study and the level of scholarly writing in the manuscript as a whole.
Provide an annotated bibliography in APA format


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