what a student should learn in the field of Biomaterials

Midterm Take Home Component (Part 2)

Please answer the following question and turn in your response for next class, November , 2015
You have been hired by a Large Educational Testing and Assessment firm to prepare an appropriate test for evaluating what a student should learn in the field of Biomaterials. Your job is to look over the materials that have been covered in BE 501 and prepare an outline for what you feel are the most important concepts that a student should learn from the course (from the beginning of class till today). Based on this outline, design a midterm exam to assess student’s knowledge and prepare an answer key that fully answers your exam questions. Extra points may be awarded based on creativity, insight, alignment with Next Generation Science Standards, and a thorough coverage of the most important concepts in the course so far. Alignment with the NGSS can be accomplished by developing an Elementary, Middle, or High School version of your midterm exam.
pleas look at all the files i upload


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