Western Musicals vs Beijing Opera 1

Western Musicals vs Beijing Opera 1

Compare the difference between Western Musicals (Orchestra, Classical Music etc, BUT NOT OPERA) and Beijing Opera in terms of PERFORMANCE & MUSICAL FEATURES & MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Use photos as evidence to support your comparison.

?    Essay Structure:
1.Content List
2.Introduction: the purpose or intention of the essay, what to achieve this research.
3.Body: Detailed discussion with sub-headings. Please AVOID general discussion on the topic. The professor prefers detailed and specific discussion of the following aspects.
?    Compare Performance Features (costume, interaction with audience, stage design, theme, etc) between Western Musicals and Beijing Opera. For example, Beijing Opera has more interaction with the audience during the performance.
?    Compare Musical Features (songs and music style, musical instruments, etc) between Western Musicals and Beijing Opera
4.Conclusion: Any new discovery? Any new idea? Anything yet undissolved?
5.References: Harvard Style

?    Footnotes are MUST: Please add footnotes for some terminology that need explanation.
?    Graphs are also MUST.
?    Please refer to the Example that I have attached. Your essay should have similar style to the Example even though they are of different topics.
?    Word Count: 1925

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