Visual comparison analysis

Write a comparison essay of 4 pages (double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point serif font) about the two book projects listed below. This will require you to condense your analysis into a concise and carefully organized argument. Each paragraph should have a distinct point and present concrete evidence from the books and supporting texts (that is from either Benjamin and Gough, or the books). You should NOT do any outside research for this essay. You must present your own original analysis. The important thing is to make an original and convincing argument supported by a detailed analysis of the work.

NOTE: Avoid doing a generalized form of analysis, there is no way you can cover everything in this short essay. So first, pick a strong augment as your thesis for the paper. Then, find 3 points to support it using the articles and the books.

Compare these two book projects: (a graphical text book versus a novel book)
• El Lissitzky and Vladimir Mayakovsky’s For the Voice (Dlia golosa, 1923)
• André Breton’s Nadja (1928)

See attachment for a completed paper instructions and files.


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