Virtual Managed Care Organizations – Article Review

Article Review 4.1: Virtual Managed Care Organizations

This assignment supports the following lesson objectives:
•Summarize aspects of utilization and quality management.
•Describe the process of an external review.

Article Review Overview: Virtual Managed Care Organizations
•In this assignment, you will read and review an article that discusses how HMOs can be changed with technology-based patient management.

•2-page paper (12-point font) written in a word processing program (such as MS Word).

Activity Details

Perform the following tasks:
•Step 1: Read an article that discusses how HMOs can be changed with technology-based patient management.

SUGGESTED ARTICLE: Can be found online – Membership is free
Alemi, F. (1998). Virtual managed care organizations: The implications of technology-based patient management. The American Journal of Managed Care, 4(3), 415-418.
•Step 2. Write a paper that addresses the following prompts. 1.Summarize the main points of the article in a paragraph or two.
2.List the various ways providers and patients are using computers in healthcare organizations.
3.Discuss how the integration of computer technology into healthcare will affect MCOs.
4.Explain how information technology may lead to the development of disease-specific MCOs.
5.Explain how the gatekeeper role may change with the implementation of disease-specific MCOs.
6.Describe the forms of remote patient management that are already being utilized.
7.Express your own thoughts about notable points you found interesting in the article.


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