Utilizing the OSHA Technical Manual

Utilizing the OSHA Technical Manual – Section II: Chapter 3 – Technical Equipment: On-Site Measurements
, class notes, and external sources answer the following questions.
1. Prior to brining monitoring equipment or electrical devices into an area where there is an explosion potential, a technician must check the Class and Division of the instrument. You are responding to a leak in a plant that manufactures acetylene. The fixed continuous monitor used to measure the acetylene has malfunctioned, so the concentration of the leak is unknown. You have a portable multi-gas detector that is appropriate for Class I, Division 2 atmospheres. What is a concern about using this instrument to monitor the acetylene?
2. You are going to conduct air monitoring for a potential ethylene oxide leak at an ambulatory GI medical facility. You have a photoionization detector (PID) with a 9.5 eV lamp. Upon monitoring, you see that you are not getting a reading even though there are patients and staff who are experiencing symptoms of nose and throat irritation which is indicative of acute exposure to ethylene oxide. You use a Draeger Tube and get a positive reading for the presence of ethylene oxide. The PID monitor is in perfect working condition. What is a cause for not getting a reading?
3. You are investigating a complaint from laboratory workers of potential overexposure to acetic acid. OSHA has a PEL (permissible Exposure Limit) of 10 ppm. You use a Draeger Tube to sample the air and your readings are shown below. What is your analysis of the environment? Are the workers being overexposed?

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