Usability of system 2

A: the Dissertation part:
1- Abstract (succinct summary of the substance of the report using the structure: background, aim(s), method(s), results and conclusion). Word count: 500 words.
2- Methods (explanation of what was done, justification of methods chosen and appropriateness to project, how executed and methods of analysis). Word count: 2000 words
3- Results (Clear description of results, appropriate use of tables and figures, key points highlighted) 2000 words
4- Discussion and conclusion (critical analysis and evaluation of results, including methodological considerations, explanation of findings in relation to existing knowledge, implications/ recommendations for practice, policy and future research) Word count: 3000 words

B: Poster part: 2000 words in A3 power point slide horizontally should contains as following:
This needs to be short and to the point. Avoid any wording that might not be understood by someone unfamiliar with the project – eg. specific names of software applications or abbreviations. 
Introduction and aims
Brief outline of the objectives of your research and the major aims – what are you doing and why?
A short description of general methods and approach. Diagrams or other figures should be used where possible, as they are often easier to interpret than large sections of text.
Show your findings clearly, with tables, figures or graphs if possible. Again, diagrams or tables of results are more suitable than large paragraphs of text.
A brief section on the major points of interest.
These are often best set out as a list of bullet points – think of them as the “bottom line”.
A poster is an academic piece of work so these need to be included, but pick a handful of key texts and keep them brief – your report will contain the full set. They are best referred to in the text following Harvard style as in the report. List your references in a bottom corner. 

C- Executive summary of the poster 1 page

General instructions:
1- In-text reference you should use Harvard style ( …………….., date, page number)
2- In the references list DO NOT use et. al. for the multiple authors, you should mentioned all them.


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