Unit Plan Adaptation

Analyze and critique a unit of a textbook 

Offer a critique of a small section of a textbook. This text may be for any level—for young children, adults, or any age in between. You’ll want this critique to be limited to 2 pages. You may use examples included on textbook example submodule, or you may search for a unit of your own that fits your life and your academic needs. Please include examples, either by overt quoting or by scanned examples, of the text in your report to which you will be referring. Your critique may include any of the following.

Write who you think was the author of the unit and for which audience, indicating who has power with respect to how the unit is developed, implemented, and reported.
Pose possible reasons one might be satisfied with aspects of the unit, implementing key concepts from the course.
Identify other elements of the unit that raise red flags with respect to the concepts from the course. Use concepts from the class to identify examples of cultural bias in the unit.


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