U.S. History Thomas Jefferson

The paper is about Thomas Jefferson,must be a minimum of 5 paragraphs i believe the instructor is looking for 8 paragraphs but does not have to be.
Thesis paragraph – what the essay is going to be show about Thomas Jefferson
3- 6 body paragraphs – minimum of 3, ten sentences each- (political, economical, social)
conclusion paragraph bringing everything together from the thesis and everything your detailing, 

I WILL UPLOAD INSTRUCTIONS – please follow those set of instructions from the teacher, please read the instructions carefully , must use 5 sources
no.com sites
1 .org, 2.edu, 1 book, 1.gov
works cited page, source and page number listed within ( )

do not include his vice presidency, governor, minister and secretary
political, economical , social, paragraphs
political include the declaration of independence, two party system, presidential leadership
economical include northwest ordinance, louisiana purchase, lewis and clark
social include university of virginia, slavery, religious freedom

does not have to be in that order in those three categories
do not mix up the categories, i.e. political and social together all 3 must be kept seperate

will be turned in to turnitin.com for plagiarism


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