Tutorial responses

Length: 800 words 
Select three of your submitted tutorial responses from three different weeks to revise for this assignment. The aim of this task is to encourage you to revisit your original responses and to make additions or revisions that reflect developments or changes in your thinking about the issues. Submit revised versions of your original responses and a brief reflection on each. Explain what you have added or how you have changed your responses in light of feedback, tutorial discussion, and any subsequent course material and why you have made these changes. 
We are looking for evidence of ongoing critical engagement with the course material. This means you should choose questions that allow you to demonstrate this. Avoid choosing questions that only require very brief answers and in relation to which you have nothing new to add.
* This is a short answer assignment. It should not be written in the form of an essay.
Please provide appropriate references and a bibliography.*
* It may be best to choose a single question, or two closely related questions, from each week rather than to address all your responses for the week. This will allow you to focus in more detail on a specific issue while keeping within the word limit.


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