Treatment/ Recycling of water laden with pharmaceutical residuals with wetland

As a group, we will describe the wetlands in wide range and we will discuss the types of it. Moreover, in this project we will talk about the facts of it and the role of it in our life. Also, we will talk about the Ecology and the ecosystem services that the wetland provides. Then we will close it with the value of it.
In this project, we will provide some studies, designs, data and ideas that could help in improving the wetland to be more useable. And we will provide more information about the type of birds, fish’s and animals that live in or around the wetlands. More important, the program that the societies that work on restoration, protection, management, restoration, creation and nursery on wetlands to make it live longer, and provide more assistance in the coordinate and develop of scientifically wetland policies and programs where all of those will help in protection to the wetlands.
Note: We need graphs, tables. Part of research is designing a plane for treating/ recycling water from pharmaceutical contaminants.
all resources have to be later than 2000.


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