Treasure Chest Scrapbook

Treasure Chest Scrapbook Assignment – Part 1 & 2
This assignment is a two part assignment. Part 1 is a web search to find elements important to you for your future career. Look on-line and gather, video links, photo images, studies, articles, website links that have valuable information about the career you might be most interested in. Paste these web searches to a Word Doc and be sure to include the link to the place you found the information. In effect this is a virtual collection of sites and information about your future. 

Special Project Part 1 – Assignment: 
Once you have gathered all of your search links paste them into the Word document and send them to me by email as your completed Part 1 project.

Special Project Part 2 – Assignment: due by End of November.

The second part of this project is a formal college paper in APA format. Please write a four page paper minimum including the cover page and reference page with two pages of content. In the content pages you should discuss what goals you are setting for yourself for you future in the Tourism Industry or other industry. Please include what amount of money you expect to make, how many hours a week you anticipate working and what steps you will have to accomplish in order to become qualified for the position you are setting as a goal.

Purpose of this assignment: Is to help you discover new sources in tourism that you are interested in and possibly passionate about. This will help to stimulate discussion for ideas that will assist you for the future and help you set long term goals for your potential careers.

ps:part 1 is gather all of your search links paste them into the Word document. so plases do not forget give me the links. thank u so much.


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