Transport and logistics

Transport and logistics

You are the manager of the transport company and you are required to write a research document on your company for production in an academic journal. The contents of the research document will cover all the subjects as presented in this course. It is an industry based exercise where groups of students will be submitting a report for assessment on any logistics and transport (3Pl/4PL) issues in Australian or overseas logistics industries.

The topics of the subject

Session Date Topic Preparation
1 The role of Transportation in Supply Chain Management
2 Roles and mode of transportation
3 Managing flow of logistics
4 Mode and cost trade off
5 Review
6 Transport planning, control and strategy
7 3PL and 4PL
8 Federal, economic and safety regulations
9 Export-import transportation issues
10 Customer delivery and service level
11 Technology in transport management
12 Review

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