Transitions and Effective Sentences

Transitions and Effective Sentences

Writing Purpose
After you have selected a topic, written a thesis statement and supporting points, compose a 350-500 (1-2 pages) argument essay defending your thesis statement with supporting points, logical reasoning and evidence based on your knowledge and experience. Do not research the topic or use outside sources.
This formal essay assignment should be formatted as follows:
1. An introduction paragraph which defines the issue and states your thesis statement at or near the end of the introductory paragraph.
2. At least three body paragraphs, each stating a main point in support of your thesis. Each main point must be supported with logical reasoning and evidence (specific details to explain and illustrate your points).
3. A concluding paragraph should summarize main points and thesis.
IMPORTANT: Do not research this essay or include any citations. Please submit your assignment.
For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, SmartPath nodes, web resources, and all course materials. Please refer to the following multimedia course material(s):
• Writing Skills and Techniques
• Transitions and Effective Sentences
• Determining your Voice
You are writing a 350-500 word essay on one of the suggested paper topics below. This paper is to be without research. Please use your own knowledge and thoughts. There’s a reason for this. It’s hard to do a precise, expanded essay, which you’ll be doing for IPs 3 & 5, on a topic you know little about. If you come up with another topic. please email me for “clearance”:
• Criminal Justice (reducing juvenile delinquency; prison overcrowding; DUI problem in rural areas; human trafficking in United States; police misconduct; treatment of mentally ill in prison; prison privatization; medical negligence inside prisons; effects of justice system on families/children)
• Education (improving inner-city schools; alternative/charter schools; effect of technology on education; importance of early childhood education; improving curriculum/learning; class size/teacher-student ratio; teacher recruitment; improving student achievement/graduation rates; rural school issues; legalizing state lottery to fund public education; gender, race or ethnic issues in education)
• Technology ( impact on small businesses/entrepreneurship; social networks and marketing tactics; social networks and effect on society; technology and consumerism; online privacy/secure networking; rural areas and Internet access; technological innovation/new products; green technology)
• Healthcare (healthcare management issues; issues in patient care; national medical database; food safety; problem of obesity in America; preventive care initiatives; state healthcare reform; teen pregnancy and prenatal care; health information technology effects on physician-patient care; environmental dangers to health; veterans and healthcare benefits)
• Business (SME financing; recession’s effect on small businesses; undercapitalization and bankruptcy; issues related to health or liability insurance costs; Entrepreneurial Myth; the Small Business Job Act; social media and small business marketing: small business certification and customer trust)


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