Training on Conducting the Appraisal Interviews

Part 1

You are the human resources manager of a retail operation. You need to train supervisors on how to conduct appraisal interviews. This training is for supervisors who have experience in conducting the appraisal interviews as well as for those who would be conducting the interviews for the first time. Your organization is also focused on quality therefore emphasizes on TQM in every aspect.


Create the training in word document or power point format, with one and a half page. Ensure that the training meets the needs of both categories of supervisors and also focuses on the organization’s commitment to TQM. This training project would be made available to supervisors for future reference so the training should be comprehensive. Also ensure that each slide or paragraph is appropriately titled. Make sure you include the following points in your presentation:

* The importance of TQM to the retail operation
* An explanation of the appraisal process
* Guidelines for conducting interviews
* Tips on how to handle employee queries
* Examples of retailers that are using the TQM philosophy in their operations.

Include any chart, graph, or images.

Part 2: Participation:

Start reviewing and responding to your classmates as early in the week as possible. Continue the discussion through the end of the week. review and respond to at least two of your classmates’ work, providing constructive feedback, suggestions, questions, and additional helpful information. Each peer response should be a minimum of 75 words. Information, comments, and conclusions should be supported by your research and sources.

Keep the following in mind when you are responding to your peers:

Did they discuss any thoughts that you had not considered?
What did you learn from their post?

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points

Created a training word document of one and a half page or in power point that meets given requirements. 5
Discussed the importance of TQM to the retail operation. 10
Included an explanation of the appraisal process. 5
Included guidelines for conducting interviews. 5
Included tips on how to handle employee queries. 5
Provided examples and explanations of retailers that are utilizing the TQM philosophy. 5

Used appropriate headings, bold type, bulleted lists, and charts or graphs. Use the given template to document your responses and submit it to this Discussion Area. 5
Used standard rules of English spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, syntax, and sentence construction to communicate ideas and opinions explicitly and clearly in writing. 5

Commented on at least two peers’ assignments with specific remarks within 48 hours of the assignment deadline—at least 75 words for each response.
Comments should include at least two of the following:
-Questions regarding the content of assignment.
-Observations regarding the content of assignment.
-Constructive feedback to assist classmates with improving their work.
Vocabulary and topics from the text/lecture should be used to support your discussion, and sources should be cited in MLA format. 5
Total:  50

part 1- one and a half page
part 2- half page

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