To what extent did India’s independence confirm Britain’s end as a ‘grea

This essay exercise is based on topics we will have covered in the first few weeks of the unit and with ample sources to support you, it will also help you to hone your essay writing skills. In terms of judging your academic performance on this essay, we are looking for a number of key elements to be present:

• a clear introduction followed by an argument that offers:
• description of events;
• relevant historical factors;
• suitably appropriate academic sources (see below);
• ability to articulate ideas and concepts;
• a set of pertinent conclusions;
• writing style and expression;
• References and bibliography – You must make all efforts to provide sufficient in the way of in-text referencing and in compiling a bibliography. At this stage, markers will be aware that some students may find academic referencing new and possibly a little difficult. To a degree this will be taken into consideration when the marking is undertaken. However, no attempt to reference and/or produce a bibliography will result in penalties which might jeopardise your chances of passing this unit.
• You are expected to use an absolute minimum of six academic sources when writing this essay. You will fail the essay if you use less than the required number.


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