Assignment Instructions
Document design takes careful planning, an understanding of the final audience and how to effectively incorporate page design layout. This week’s assignment asks you to demonstrate your mastery of these three factors by designing a one-page user guide.
To get started, read the following preliminary background on these topics:
Feel free to peruse through the entire site. Then produce a one page layout using the following variables:
1. Find a cameo (headshot) of any adult person who is clearly looking to the right from a true right perspective. Download the image to your hard drive by right clicking on it and saving it to a directory/folder where you can find it. When you layout the manual, think about where the headshot should be positioned? Does the person look into the text or away?
2. Create an 8.5 x 11 quick start guide in Microsoft Word
3. The purpose of the quick start guide is to either show how to start a new Single Lens Reflex (SLR) digital camera, use a new note book computer, or how to successfully shut down a Windows based computer. If the last one is selected explain why it is important.
4. The person in the cameo is a “personal assistant” who will guide the user through the steps. There must be a minimum of 3 steps and no more than 6.
5. You should supplement the device with any royalty free graphics or Microsoft ClipArt. Use any other graphics you deem necessary.
6. Font size must be 14, your choice of font style. Use of bold, underline, coloring, is up to you.
7. Include a fictitious 800 number for further assistance
8. Use any fictitious company, brand, make, model, name you like.
9. Remember this assignment should remain on only one page! Use landscape if you feel it is necessary.
10. You will be graded based on proper layout, design, explanation of steps, and overall ability to communicate.


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