This research require watching a film and a article.

This research require watching a film and a article.

Write a 2-3 page (single-spaced) review of a documentary film related to environmental issues we discuss in this class.

Below are directions for what to write about in your film review (you are welcome to expand upon or tweak these themes as appropriate):

1. A summary of the movie’s premise and main points/goals

2. A review of sorts—did you think that the films’ creators were successful in presenting their message? What did you like? What did you think they should have done differently?

3. Your personal reaction to the film—how did it make you feel? Hopeful? Hopeless? Did it make you want to make personal changes in your life? Did it make you think that there is nothing to be done?

4.  How did this film tie into themes in this articles:

5. A quote or two from others who have watched this movie and critiqued it (if available).

6. A response to the people you quote—do you agree with the critiques/reviews you found or do you agree or disagree? Why?

7. A solid conclusion, bringing your ideas and opinions together.

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