Theorising Play

This assignment is based on observations of children playing. This can be made up by the person writing the paper. I have actually done the practical and can share any information if needed. I want my assignment to be written by an Australian writer. I will also attach an example of the assignment that the university has supplied me with so you have a fair understanding of what they are after and how to lay it all out. In the appendix there needs to be 10 observations attached. This is in the instructions for the assignment. You need to complete these 10 observations and out of the 10 you choose 3 to write about in the actual case study and maybe highlight the 3 you will be using so that the teacher can refer back to the appendix. If you can please include these theorists in the assessment it would be appreciated:


and any additional references on top.

I usually average a pass to credit mark so if the writer can keep that in mind as i am not looking for high marks as i don’t want it to be obvious that i didn’t complete the assignment myself.

i will attach the assignment details along with the template (which needs to be filled out 10 times) and also the past example paper for your viewing.

please refer to pages 11-77 of the learning guide for instructions for the assignment. you are looking at assignment two.


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