The Voluntary Prisoners of Architecture

The first project, Exodus, or the Voluntary Prisoners of Architecture, by Rem Koolhaas and Elia Zenghelis with Madelon Vriesendorp and Zoe Zenghelis, will serve as a prompt for a written assignment with a minimum of 500 words. Please write your own piece relating to your artist pod. It can be a personal narrative or one that relates to the greater context of the world — past, present or future. It can be conceptual in nature but must demonstrate your unique vision of inhabited space with a clear intention behind it. This is a creative assignment.

Program is the intended use for the space. For instance a child’s bedroom might need a place to sleep, a place to store clothing and toys, a place for reading. Please submit a list of programs that you can realistically include in your approx. 10′ x 10′ x 10′ artist pod. This does not need to be a long list, it can even be a single program for example, a place for meditating. A painter may need a place for working, a place for resting, a place for displaying work, and a place for storing materials for example.

Spatial considerations are ideas more specific to the feel or experience of the space created by formal moves at this early stage of the design. Formal moves are ideas conveyed by the designer specific to the shape or form of an object being designed (in this case your pod). How does the form convey specific lighting conditions? How does it invite nature in? How does it allow for adaptation? How does it convey the idea of floating? An exploration of how to create forms that invite nature in is a perfect example of an interest from which you can build a long list of spatial conditions. Spatial conditions are physical orientations of space. This assignment attempts to build a palette of spatial conditions that you, the designer, can employ to satisfies your initial spatial considerations. For example, you might include punch windows that frame a view of a particular tree. You might sever your structure in half to allow a stream to pass through. You might incorporate a singular wall of glass through with you can experience a zen courtyard.


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