The Use of MP-AES to Analyze Apple Juice

Laboratory Report

For this laboratory you are required to prepare a formal laboratory report consisting of the following sections: abstract, introduction, material and method, results and discussion, conclusions, and references. Your report will be due one week after you have completed your lab.

For each metal, construct a plot of emission intensity versus metal concentration. Report the equation relating intensity and metal concentration as well as the correlation coefficient.

For each sample, calculate the concentration of each of the metals in the original juice (be sure to take into account any sample preparation steps). Average the triplicate samples together and obtain the standard deviation and % relative standard deviation.

Are the concentrations of each of the metals statistically different between the apple juice brands? Use a statistical test to support your assertion.

Why did you have to dilute the apple juice samples?

NOTE: the excel is raw data. We have to use Intensity value to do the calculations.p(5)

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