Read Chapter 5

While reading the chapter, apply the various genres and market segments against the film you picked for Week 2. Even though you may have your own film to develop, practice first with the film that has already been distributed. This section of your business plan involves a delicate balance of fact and spin.

Exercise (to be sent to the instructor):
Take the film you used in Week 2’s exercise and list the genre(s) for the film. How many can you identify? Describe them in a few short sentences.

Pick one genre or “affiliate group” and write a detailed paragraph explaining it. What is the size? What are relatively recent films that show interest in this genre/group? What appeals to the audience about such films? Use the Internet to search for information. It is free. Explain which demographic (age, gender) groups will go to see the film. Be careful not to make it too narrow. For example, women 18-25 may like the film, but you need to reach a larger group to make a good box office.


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