The Songs of Newfoundland (recorded 1950-1)

this course is elective course for me so please don’t use words which is too complicated in case the teacher will find out this work is not done by myself..thank u
here is the instruction below.

—ASSIGNMENT: Archives Search
Go to:
MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Songs of Newfoundland (recorded 1950-1)
Look there for a song that you think has Irish or Scottish connections/roots. (No fair simply looking in the index under the letter “I” for “Irish” — that’s too easy! evil )
What song did you choose?
What genre is the song? (You can usually find this on the web page, but you may choose a different or more specific label if you know one.)
What evidence can you find that the song has Irish or Scottish connections/roots?
What is the song about? (Plot line / main themes or motifs)
Who is the singer? Is there any information such as age provided? (Follow the name link to find out.)
From what area in Newfoundland is the singer? (e.g. East Coast, Avalon Peninsula, Saint John’s, Southwest Coast, Codroy Valley, Corner Brook, West Coast, Port au Port Peninsula, Great Northern Peninsula etc.) A great many Irish settled on the Avalon Peninsula (including in Saint John’s) and to a lesser degree in other areas, whereas Highland Scots from Cape Breton settled in the Codroy Valley. There are many areas where English culture was dominant and some French areas.There is one large Mi’kmaw community.
Write a few sentences describing* the style of the singer. (Keep in mind that these are field recordings of ordinary people, not studio recordings of professional singers.)
*Examples of descriptive words

Range/Pitch: high, mid-range, low (or soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass etc.)
Rhythm: metrical/regular versus free (and/or specific meters / time signatures)
Tempo/Speed: slow, moderate, quick
Timbre: clear, light, sweet, nasal, breathy, growling, twangy, powerful, strained, intense, harsh, sharp, piercing, shrill, raspy, gravely, wavering, sustained, relaxed, mellow, smooth, choppy, muted, throaty, dark, warm, thin, full, resonant, bright, reedy, brassy, metallic, buzzing etc.
Technique: operatic, natural/untrained, agile, in tune, out of tune, using colour notes, using blues notes, sliding into notes, using grace-notes/ornaments, melismatic (signing more than one note per syllable, noun=melisma), using vibrato, yodeling or flipping etc.
Dynamics: soft, loud, medium, conversational level, varied etc.
Mood (subjective): lively, cheerful, sad, plaintive, mournful, mysterious, detached, calm, strong, proud, aggressive, taunting etc.
Other useful words: a cappella (singing without instrumental accompaniment), accompaniment, harmony, recitation


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