Question:John Lewis Multichannel Strategy

MUST write like this structure:
1. Introduction – A brief summary of your report, outlining straight away what you expect as outcomes, objectives and how you’re meeting the brief.
2. Offline strategy
3. Online website Strategy
4. Mobile Strategy
5. Social Media Strategy
6. Conclusion
7. Reference List
8. Appendix (If necessary)

Requirement: Multichannel marketing communication Proposal (Summative) (Individually written)
You are part of the communication department of the chosen retailer and you have been assigned to prepare the launch campaign of the next collection, Autumn/Winter 2015. You will be developing an Integrated Marketing Communications strategy.

• You will have to develop the multichannel communication campaign for the launch of the Autum-Winter (AW15) collection for a big fashion retailer
• You must think outside of the box and come up with ideas to target your consumer market using multi-channel, digital marketing techniques and off line techniques.
• You must develop a strategy for a 1 month time period
• All visuals and ideas need to be accounted for and chosen strategically (images from previous campaigns can be used as reference)
• You will write your own 4500 word report that will take into account your understanding of the brief, your reasoning behind your chosen strategy and your critical analysis of why elements of your strategy have been used or dismissed.
• Academic references need to be used throughout in order to validate your chosen methods, ideas and strategies. Although the report is very practical, your ideas must be backed up by academic references and methods.
• Each lecture is essential to the coursework and as such relates to a section of your report. In industry, no part of the strategy can be omitted, so take this perspective when writing your report.
Therefore a general guideline of sectioning for your report is as follows:
1. Introduction – A brief summary of your report, outlining straight away what you expect as outcomes, objectives and how you’re meeting the brief.
2. Offline strategy
3. Online website Strategy
4. Mobile Strategy
5. Social Media Strategy
6. Conclusion
7. Reference List
8. Appendix (If necessary)
Maximum of 4500 words with all of the sections mentioned in class taken account for.
1. To develop an in-depth understanding of the practices of multi-channel marketing and how they integrate within an
overall marketing strategy.
2. To investigate and analyse academic writing by key authors in the marketing field and to apply them to the strategic
direction of your communication campaign.
3. To apply marketing theories to a fashion retailer, regarding their consumer, brand position and current activities in
order to formulate a marketing strategy for their future.
4. To develop your skills in conducting and writing a practical report, developing your written communication and presentation skills.
To facilitate this
1. You are required to read textbooks and journal articles on the subject of Multi-channel Marketing, digital marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications. After each lecture, it will be useful to read up on the lecture topic in order to gather more information and references for your report.
2. When you have read sufficiently you should organise your thoughts and evaluate the relevant theories that you have found, relating them to your report and the strategy you are deciding to utilise.
3. You will have the opportunity to receive feedback on your ideas within the workshops as well as a quick feedback session in Week 12, before the final hand in that week.

Instructions to Students:
Your report should be written in English and be word-processed. You should include key points to be investigated, references
(using the Harvard referencing system) and examples where appropriate.
All reports will be submitted to Turnitin for plagiarism checks, as is the University Policy. Please ensure that all of the work in your report is your own and that you have clearly referenced anything that you have referenced from industry, academia or online.
The following criteria must be met:
• Critical analysis of the Integrated Marketing Communication techniques that Multi-channel Fashion retailers use using appropriate documentary evidence and references to support their justifications.
• A clear and refined plan of action for the retailer, showing timescales, justifying the usage of particular methods and the outcomes of those methods.
• There must be no gaps in the strategy. The students must ensure that their strategy takes time scales into account, objectives and final outcomes. Therefore, the report must also state how the marketing methods are going to be analysed and measured in order to quantify their success.
• Interplay of the different communication techniques chosen.
• Understanding of theoretical concepts in relation to IMC, digital marketing and Multi-channel Marketing Management.
• Recommendations for your chosen brand or retailer in terms of the approach to IMC and Multi-channel Marketing Management.
• The essay must be word processed and in font size 12.
• The essay must be Harvard referenced and contain a minimum of 10 references.

Report tips
• The document should be no more than 4500 words long.
• Keep your language strong and positive.
• Polish your report. Read it aloud. Does it flow? Is it clear and succinct? Once it sounds good to you, have someone else
who knows nothing about the business read it and make suggestions for improvement.
• Please use visuals and diagrams where appropriate.

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