The links between African American and African activists in the apartheid era. The links between African American and African activists in the apartheid era

The paper must contain the following: i) a thorough description of a particular issue, ii) a focus on solutions rather than simply describing a list of problems. The paper must contain some sort of referencing system, or the writer must be able to formally present his or her source material in a way that discusses the nature of the source material and the writer’s own assessment of the validity or otherwise of the source. The format of the paper will be a research paper. Other formats are possible with permission of the instructor but in all cases the paper must address the three areas described above in i) – ii). Paper topics are OPEN, but the paper must address a particular social issue and must describe the efforts of organizations or groups (or in some specific cases individuals), particularly ones led by and organized by Africans themselves to address these issues. You cannot do a paper on the UN Food Project for instance or Doctors Without Borders since these are international NGOs. However, you COULD do a paper on the local workers employed by DWB for example, and discuss the importance of those workers in the efforts of the NGO. The paper must speak about The links between African American and African activists in the apartheid era and how the apartheid inspired the African american community and vise versaless

focus on the role of colonialism in shaping racism and how it created a impoverished economic conditions and social status of african making them degraded to white race .

focus more on the role of african rather than american and how they contributed to the american activist and “black conscience” as they were the inspiration , speak about how religion played a role in activism(slightly) + the role of african NGO’s and organization that contributed more to the case of apartheid


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