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In this assignment, you will submit an 8-10-page paper covering several sections. These sections will require leadership reflection, a SWOT analysis, and a leadership plan that will be used for your own maturation as a leader. The following assignment has multiple parts that require reflection on your own life and leadership praxis.

Part 1: Priorities and Balance of Leadership and Calling:
In the first section of your final paper, you will explain your conclusions on the relationship between priorities and balance in the life of a leader. Also include what you have concluded about the line between your spiritual/vocational calling and what Scripture says about leading your family and pursuing holiness in a holistic sense. This section should expand on, but not recreate, your theology of Christian leadership. Your maturing theology of Christian leadership should lay the foundation for your understanding of priorities, balance, leadership, and calling. This portion of the assignment must be 3-4 pages.

Part 2: SWOT Analysis:
Choose 1 aspect of your life as a leader (spiritual, family, or ministry/vocation). Then conduct a SWOT analysis of your role as a leader in this aspect of your life. A SWOT is an in-depth analysis examining your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This portion of the assignment must be 3-4 pages.

Part 3: Leadership Plan:
In the final section of this paper, consider your future leadership and the next year. Write a brief but detailed plan of how you plan to mature in your leadership over the next calendar year. In this portion of the assignment, consider what types of disciplines you are going to employ over the next year and how you are going to implement these disciplines in your life. Mention what books you are going to read or ways you are going to mature your leadership praxis. Identify how you are going to cultivate your leadership strengths, limit your weaknesses, take advantage of your opportunities, and guard yourself against your threats. This portion of the assignment must be 2-3 pages.

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