Total Quality Management in Private and Public Sectors in Bahrain: An Exploratory Study

No.    Summary of Examiners’ Comments    Response from Candidate    Page and Paragraph number of the changes
1    Auditing English Language    Give it to the auditor    Whole Thesis
2    Literature on  TQM Implementation
3    Difference between quality management practices  and TQM     added
4    Perfect TQM ( relook and adjust)    adjusted
5    Hypothesis Drives without framework    adjusted
6    The Objectives of study need relooked and Gap to be clearly define
7    References unreliable & non- credible (Wikipedia &    Removed all    Removed
8    Literature explain in the thesis is very static. Need to explain and find relationship between the concepts and problems
9    No data analysis chapter, where did you analysis the data collected?
10    CSF related to the framework
11    Chapter on research discussion still discuss literature , understanding can enhance
12    Interview on what phenomena. Verification need    added    Page 110+ 111
13    Finding from interview and survey    added    Page 114
14    Need to have a deep thought on operationalizing the method
15    The selection of measure is not properly justified . where do these measure come from?
16    Results shows a central tendencies syndrome. Investigate why?
17    No data integrity test
The discussion and conclusion derived do not lie back to the research question and do not relate to the problem of study
18    there is no write up on philosophical stand of the research
where is epistemology and ontology of research . how does the underpinning theory relates to the contemporary ones
19    Most of the finding are disputable. No explanation is given in reference to the statistical treatment done on them. No evidence find to support finding
20    Most of the conclusion made is wrong. Finding is sweeping statement used by student . no indication of its scientific of its scientific nature can be seen

21    General Discussion on the development / evaluation of organizational environment and impact of TQM . then Gaps in literature. Impact between TQM practices and implementation among industry needs to be mentioned
22    What practical problems the candidate is trying to solve?
23    Wanted to see more discussions on the current scenario with the regards to operational Quality, Product & service quality, Customer satisfaction and employees Satisfaction
24    The theoretical foundation and argument for each hypothesis must be thoroughly before formulating each hypothesis
25    Literature review need to criticized and argued with them
26    Must be clear discussion regarding the TQM , its critical success factors, operational quality, product & services, customer satisfaction and employees satisfaction and how they are related in contexts rather than scanning them from general viewpoint
27    No clear distinction between a construct and dimension. Hypotheses  and model
28    TQM implementation consists of 8 dimension . needs strong justification why chosen
29    Lack of justification on the conceptualization of the model  ( 8 dimensions) . how the conceptualized
30    Customer satisfaction dependent variable need to be more focus on it. Theoretical and conceptual discussion before model
31    Methodology suffers from serious shortcomings
32    Sampling procedures took place . how long collection process lasted? What procedures that led to achieves content validity
33    Response rate 68% 334 of 500 need to elaborate and justified
34    5 months to collect the data , bias test need to be conducted for early and late response
35    Explanation in this chapter ( 4) is not clear need more analysis
36    The conclusion part is week and there should be a number of implications
40    Limitations still more to be mentioned on who the above and comments and questions are going to be handled.
41    Conclusion still weak and not sufficient

42    Thesis topic ( title)
43    Format of thesis
44    Background of research study not well discussed    adjusted
45    Problem statement and research question not well defined    Clearly defined
46    Research objectives is not discussed in relation to hypothesis
47    Confine to Government sectors / private sectors
48    Which government sectors/ which private sectors
49    Geography of Bahrain
50    How is TQM implementation in GCC countries
51    How is practice in government sectors?
52    How is practice in private sectors?
53    What is the stage of implementation in Bahrain?
54    Five objectives are fairly described    clarify
55    Five research question were identified but not in relation to problem statement    Problem statement adjusted related to question    p
56    Research question should be after problem statement    Already RQ sit after PS    p
57    Significant of the study ( fairly described)    adjusted    p
58    Limitation of the study ( chapter 5 )    No chapter 1 is correct according to guideline
59    Research framework ( chapter 3 )    No chapter 1 is correct according to guideline
60    Where is your dependent variable and independent variable for literature review
61    What is your underlying theory for the research
62    What are the gap in the literature
63    Every hypothesis should be supported and describe by literature or past studies
64    What is the best practice in Bahrain?         Page 63-66
65    What is the conclusion?        Page 188 ( paragraph 3, 4, 5)
66    Summary of the past studies
67    Illustrate by diagram ( literature review)
68    Chapter 3 poorly introduce
69    Research design. How’s your research is carried out?
70    Population of your study in private and government sectors? Who is the followers    Total population 3413    Table page
71    Where is the cover letter?
72    Your sampling is confusing ?
73    What is your research model?
74    What is your conclusion on research methodology?
75    TQM – why discuss in chapter 4 repetition from chapter 2
76    Objective 1 – what is your finding?
77    Objective 2 – what is your finding?
78    Objective 3 – what is your finding?
79    What is your conclusion in relation to your study
80    What factors effecting  TQM in Bahrain?
81    What is your finding and conclusion on critical success factors?
82    Summary of CSF – whose study support your finding?
83    Objective 4 – what is your finding?
84    Objective 5 – what is your finding?
85    What is your conclusion and finding
86    Your conclusion on the interpretation and analysis
87    Chapter5 – conclusion of objective 1
88    Chapter5 – conclusion of objective 2
89    What is the conclusion in government and private sector?
90    Chapter5 – conclusion of objective 3
91    Chapter5 – conclusion of objective 3 your finding is consistent with whose finding?
92    Implementation of TQM 40% ( govt.) 45% Private? Success or failure??
93    Chapter5 – conclusion of objective 4 too brief to discuss impact on employee satisfaction?
94    Chapter5 – conclusion of objective 5 too brief
95    Contribution? Your finding added to body of knowledge ?

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