The history of Viet Nam vets

The history of Viet Nam vets

The Analysis:    The history of Viet Nam vets in the US is painful, the Viet Nam War being unsupported by the public in its waning years.  The venture , COVVHA, sought support for those exposed to chemicals that defoliated trees to deter guerilla activity.

What are the challenges for this social venture, in terms of:

•    What is the social mission? Is it dated? Can it compete with other social ventures, in terms of timeliness, attractiveness, relevance, impact?

•    What are the Revenue Drivers?

•    What are the challenges to generating Revenue, based on the “environment” today? Note the images provided and add your own. How do they reflect this challenge? For example, we had a problem seeing the relevance of the outcomes of a war we fought in another country. What else can you think of?

•    Explain the 2 target markets: end-users and funders.

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