The Good Samaritan’s new trouble: A study of the changing moral landscape in contemporary China – Article Review

Article Review Recommended Format 
Article: The Good Samaritan’s new trouble: A study of the changing moral landscape in contemporary China, by YUNXIANG YAN. Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale (2009) 17, 1 9–24. doi:10.1111/j.1469-8676.2008.00055.x.
1 A full citation of the article being reviewed 

E.g. Glinert, Lewis 2010. Apologizing to China: Elastic apologies and the meta-discourse of –American diplomats. Intercultural Pragmatics 7 (1): 47-74. 

2 Summary of the highlights of the article

In this section, there should be a summary of the main points and conclusions made in the article. For example, 
– What the research question is (usually stated in the Abstract and Introduction), 
– If applicable, briefly describe the methods: design of the study, how many subjects were involved, what they did, and where the research was conducted (in the Methods)
— Describe the results/what was found, etc.

3 Evaluation of the article 

You should include critical comments on the ideas and information that the author(s) presents in the article, commenting on its strengths, usefulness, weaknesses, limitations, problems… In particular, ask yourself some of the following questions (you may not be able to discuss all of them, choose the ones you think are more relevant and important): 
– How does the author(s) support their arguments?
– Is the argument convincing? Is the evidence valid, comprehensive and thorough? 
– How does the study design address the research questions?
– Is the methodology appropriate? Any weaknesses? 
– What questions remain unanswered? Anything omitted?
– Are the findings presented clearly and fully?
– Could the data be interpreted in another way? 
– How does the article contribute to the field? 

4 Conclusion
– Make your conclusive evaluation/judgement on the article
– Comment on the implications of the research

Reference List (APA 6th Aug 2015).


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