The Garbage Project

1. Construct a complete inventory of the artifacts visible in the profiles in features A & B.
2. Based on your inventories, discuss the range of activities represented in the two features.
3. In each of the features, list two cases in which you are able to reconstruct which objects were deposited first. In each of the features list two cases in which such a reconstruction is not obvious.
4. Prepare a description of the individuals who might have produced this trash and the loca- tion and conditions under which it may have been deposited. Your answer should include a discussion on age, sex, and number of individuals represented. You should also assess (when appropriate) diet, personal habits, socioeconomic status, and time of year the trash was deposited.
5. Would you be able to make the same description you produced in number 4 if you only had the smaller feature to examine? Ifnot, what information would be lacking ifyou could only analyze the smaller feature?


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