The Freedom Riders

The Freedom Riders are especially interesting. The 3rd file allows you to download a film about people who left Washington DC to travel throughout the South in protest of the travel segregation rules. It was dangerous for them because they were often threatened along the way. If you want to look at the materials on the public TV site, they will ask what your local station is. Type in WETA FM. Even if you don’t look at the film, there is a lot of interesting information on that site. You can think about the differences for those demonstrators then and people who are demonstrating for their civil rights today. OR The first weekend in March 2015 was the 50th anniversary of the civil rights march in Selma, Alabama. Look online for information about the Selma March back then and how it was commemorated this year. Write at least a one-page paper about what you learned from this exploration. Be specific about the site(s) you went to.

* Please don’t use high level vocabulary.


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