The feedback mechanism of the ovarian cycle



Your assignment is to write a detailed precise or summary on your feedback system.

Your precise must answer:

  • What process or factor does the feedback mechanism regulate, why it is so important for normal physiological function of the body? (**20%**)
  • Give a detailed description of the gland or tissues which are responsible for the synthesis and release of the hormones involved in your endocrine feedback system (***10%***)
  • Give a detailed explanation of how this feedback mechanism works, and helps to maintain a homeostasis state. You must include annotated diagrams to aid your explanation (*60%*)
  • An explanation of what happens when this feedback systems goes wrong (***10%***)


Rules and guidelines

  • There is a 1000 word limit. Please note that diagrams and annotated diagrams are not included in the word count
  • You should use several texts books and pull together detailed summary facts. Please do not the internet as you do not know if these facts are scientifically true
  • You should include heading and sub-heading
  • You must write (a) and the then the answer underneath, (b) and answer etc.







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