The Faithfulness of Daniel and the Hebrew boys in Daniel Chapter 1

The Faithfulness of Daniel and the Hebrew boys in Daniel Chapter 1

This expository paper should have at least 3,500 words (12 full pages) typed double space in MS Word, letter size 12. It is called expository because in it the student should balance research and homiletics. It will consist of the following parts: (1) Introduction, (2) what the text meant in Daniel’s time, (3) what the text means in the student’s time and place at a personal level, (4) homiletical applications at professional and community levels, (5) list of sources consulted by the student. The required textbook Wisdom to the Wise offers a list of published works such as commentaries, works by Ellen White and the publications by the Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The use of internet research tools such as can also be very helpful.



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