The Economic Collapse of 2007/2008

➢ Must include references and materials from at least two professional Economics journals
➢ The following is a list of scholarly journals in economics containing most of the prominent academic journals in economics.
✓ Applied Econometrics and International Development
✓ Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy
✓ American Economic Review
✓ American Economic Journal
✓ American Journal of Agricultural Economics
✓ Annual Review of Economics
✓ Asian Economic Papers
✓ Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
✓ Business Economics
✓ Cambridge Journal of Economics
✓ Canadian Journal of Economics
✓ Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy
✓ Comparative Technology Transfer and Society
✓ Computational Economics
✓ Contemporary Economic Policy
✓ D+C Development and Cooperation
✓ De Economist
✓ Eastern Economic Journal
✓ Econ Journal Watch
✓ Econometric Theory
✓ Econometrica
✓ Economic and Industrial Democracy
✓ Econometrics Journal
✓ Economic Geography
✓ Economic History Review
✓ Economic Inquiry
✓ The Economic Journal
✓ Economics Letters
✓ Economic Theory
✓ Economics Bulletin
✓ Economics and Human Biology
✓ Economics of Governance
✓ Education Finance and Policy
✓ Energy Economics
✓ European Economic Review
✓ European Political Economy Review
✓ Explorations in Economic History
✓ Feminist Economics
✓ Games and Economic Behavior
✓ German Economic Review
✓ Industrial and Labor Relations Review
✓ Intereconomics
✓ International Economic Review
✓ International Journal of Central Banking
✓ Investment Analysts Journal
✓ Japanese Economic Review
✓ Journal of Applied Econometrics
✓ Journal of Banking and Finance
✓ Journal of Behavioral Finance
✓ Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
✓ Journal of Comparative Economics
✓ Journal of Competition Law and Economics
✓ Journal of Development Economics
✓ Journal of Econometrics
✓ Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
✓ Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
✓ Journal of Economic Education
✓ Journal of Economic History
✓ Journal of Economic Issues
✓ Journal of Economic Literature
✓ Journal of Economic Perspectives
✓ Journal of Economic Theory
✓ Journal of Economics & Management Strategy
✓ Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
✓ Journal of the European Economic Association
✓ Journal of Finance
✓ Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
✓ Journal of Financial Economics
✓ Journal of Health Economics
✓ Journal of International Economics
✓ Journal of Labor Economics
✓ Journal of Law and Economics
✓ Journal of Macroeconomics
✓ Journal of Mathematical Economics
✓ Journal of Monetary Economics
✓ Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
✓ Journal of Political Economy
✓ Journal of Regional Science
✓ Journal of Sports Economics
✓ Journal of Wine Economics
✓ Kyklos
✓ Land Economics
✓ Macroeconomic Dynamics
✓ Manchester School
✓ Mathematical Social Sciences
✓ National Institute Economic Review
✓ Oxford Review of Economic Policy
✓ Public Choice
✓ Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
✓ Quarterly Journal of Economics
✓ Rand Journal of Economics
✓ Real-world economics review
✓ Rethinking Marxism
✓ Review of Agricultural Economics
✓ Review of Austrian Economics
✓ Review of Economic Design
✓ Review of Economic Dynamics
✓ Review of Economic Studies
✓ Review of Economics and Statistics
✓ Review of Environmental Economics and Policy
✓ Review of International Political Economy
✓ Review of Radical Political Economics
✓ Scandinavian Journal of Economics
✓ Science and Society
✓ Scottish Journal of Political Economy
✓ Small Business Economics
✓ South African Journal of Economics
✓ South African Journal of Economic History
✓ Southern Economic Journal
➢ Must be long enough to cover the topic but not so long as to add non-essential material just to get length. Depending on the topic selected and how one narrows it down, the paper will likely be between 3 and 10 pages.


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