The digital divide in new York city

how is it related to economic inequality in NYC; what is the extent of the problem in NYC; recommended as a topic for exploratory research paper.

Your final paper DOUBLE SPACED, 10 TO 12 PAGES must be typed in 12 inch Times New Roman with no more than 1 inch margins all around. You will need to submit a hard copy to the instructor Dec. 5th in class and a WORD document through Safe Assign which is beneath this box BY FRIDAY DEC. 4TH.

Late papers will receive a penalty and your final grade for that paper will be lowered.

Cover page must include your name, the course, the date and the research paper topic.

At the end of the paper you will have a References page to note all citations.

1.The introduction should outline a NYC social problem you explored and why it’s important. Explain the social problem from all 3 sociological perspectives (struc. functionalism,conflict, and symbolic interactionism).

2. Present some of the social problem’s possible causes

3. Present statistical information on the institutions and how many people affected by the social problem, age groups, racial/ethnic groups, males vs. females; etc. and statistics about the social problem (from 2010 through 2015). What important information did you find about the social problem?

4. Critically think of and present some of the possible solutions to the social problem from each sociological theoretical perspective.

All 3 sociological theoretical perspectives must be applied to the social problem. Statistical information about the social problem in NYC must be included. See Web/External Links and others that you have found to support your contention that the issue is a social problem. Describe how many are affected, years you are referring to (2010 through the present), how long problem has existed, solutions that have been tried by City agencies or other groups that have not been successful in resolving the problem


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