The compilation+Final project+Diagram of my ISD process The compilation+Final project+Diagram of my ISD process

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1- The first is a compilation of all the assignments you have completed up to this point. It should be a complete course/program plan which is clearly laid out which you may take to a director/supervisor as a complete course/program proposal. You can develop this as a well-organized set of documents, It should include your changes that result from the cyclical process of instructional design( lovely writer before doing the compilation write short short interduction for each one that explain and let the reader goes constantly )

2-The second part (25 pts) is a presentation you will give either via online video or in-person during the last few class meetings. In many cases, for an ISD project you are a part of at work, you would have to make a presentation to a supervisor, board, committee, or other authority. The presentation you create for the class will be evaluated by your peer learners, who will play the fictional role of those stakeholders. The presentation should be a compelling argument why your program/learning event should be approved/ purchased/receive funding etc.
(lovely writer all what i ask you on this point use (power point) to summrize what you have done with all my assignments step by step becuse i will present that to the class+ one page summary i can read from this paper as reminder )

3-Diagram of your ISD process
For this activity you get to unlock your creativity completely. During this course we’ve investigated a number of instructional design models and followed the basic Smith & Ragan Model. We have discussed the risks and potential consequences of skipping any step in the model. Through your experience, create your own map/diagram/visual aid of how you perceive the instructional design process or how you might implement it in your place of work. This can be a digital image, a prezi, a video, a drawing, a photo, or anything else you can think of. Your diagram should illustrate your emotions/passion as well as contain the basic ADDIE elements. We’ll be sharing these as a class during the last few class meetings.
Scoring: Compilation – 50 pts
Model that contains all the basic ISD steps in some way – 20 points
Clarity of model and the process it describes – 20 points
Creativity/Originality of the model – 10 points


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