The Aviation Industry and It's Monopolistic Market

The paper’s requirements (and maximum point totals) are as follows:
1. A tabulation of annual gross output for the industry for the years 2003-2013, taken from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (, and a discussion of how the industry fared, especially after the start of the 2008 recession (15 points);
2. Determination of which market structure the industry competes in (perfect competition; monopolistic competition; oligopoly; or monopoly) and justifying that choice of market structure; (15 pts);
3. Identification of the major competitors (firms) in the industry (10 pts);
4. Discussion of major issues, concerns, or threats facing the industry, such as antitrust litigation; import competition; technological change; input costs; human resource problems; mergers and acquisitions; changes in demand; changes in supply; etc. (25 pts);
5. Description of what the student believes will happen in the industry in the coming ten years, and why (5 pts); and
6. Proper use of MLA style, grammar and spelling (10 pts); 
7. Having adequate sources (15 pts): each paper should have at least five sources from business or news periodicals (such the Wall Street Journal; Time; New York Times; Kansas City Star; Business Week; etc.). At least one article must have been published in 2015, and at least one must have been published in 2014. One of the four sources may be a Federal government document, and one source may be a securities analyst report on the industry. Do not include among the five publications from labor unions, trade associations, or advocacy groups, as these oftentimes have “agendas;” however, you may include such for sources above the specified five; and


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