Texts in Context Essay on Essayist: Richard Rodriguez

In this progression, you’ll set out to engage in a critical and scholarly conversation about a writer of your choosing, and in doing so will ultimately develop an idea of your own for how we should interpret that writer’s work. To do this, you’ll be getting to know the writer’s mind, both through your own reading of that writer’s work and with the aid of scholarly texts written about that writer. The end goal of this work will be to make an interpretive claim about the work itself. You’ll be aiming to capture something essential about the way the writer thinks and what that way of thinking actually conveys to us—something in addition to what the writer says straight out.
Please note: It must include a historical context which motivated the author to write the book. Example: Richard Rodriguez’s migration from Mexico to America

In the end, the essay will reveal an argument—your argument—for a new way to interpret the writer’s work. It will include citations from 3-5 of the writer’s essays, as well as from 3-5 scholarly texts that have been written about the writer’s work. Of course, these sources will be bolstered by your own interpretive analysis and reflections.There must be a source on the historical background of the issue the author writes about.
The essays to be looked can be seen from his book “Hunger of Memory” by Richard Rodriguez, and his other sources if they are helpful.


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