Terrorist cells and even larger terrorist organizations have been made superfluous in the wake of the rise of “leaderless resistance” and so-called “lone wolf” or single actor terrorism. Discuss.

You don’t need to have a reference list or footnotes for your exam essays, but it would be good if you can mention some of the important authors/academics from the readings. For example you might write something like “Hoffman discusses several organisational models for terrorist groups…” or “Smith says that leaderless resistance is not very effective because…”. If you think you can write a good essay just using the readings from the unit guide then that’s fine, but if you want to expand on topics in the readings then you might need to do more research. PLEASE READ THE EXAM REVIEW POWERPOINT BEFORE WRITING THE ESSAY!
The essay should include:
1. Compare the advantages of leaderless to other organisation models (pyramid/hierarchy/wheel/chain etc)
2. What is their political goal
3. Can lone wolf achieve political goal


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