Tensile test lab

Title page include ( name and course details)


Task A (Template):

  • What is the purpose of a tensile test

. Why is it done?

  • Details of the experimental procedure

. How the measurements were taken

. Explain the equipment setup ( by steps )

. How the experiment went ( diagram as a result)

. The resultant measurements after the procedure

  • A brief outline of the theory

. How and why the equations are used (hook’s law)

  • The stress vs strain graph , drawn using excel
  • The major results as the table shown from the above graph
  • Short discussion of the results (based on the results obtained)

. Why did we get these results

  • Suitable short conclusion

. Why is this test useful

. What was obtained from these results

  • Answers Q 1-5.
  • References


Task B (Template):

  • Q1) Impact toughness calculations

. Details are shown in the picture

. PE = mgh

  • Q2) test result on high carbon steel

. A) make into excel graph J vs C ( C in x-axis)

. B) estimate (DBTT) for this steel ( +,- 5C) look at the graph of the previous page

. C) determine impact toughness if a standard 1 cm2 ( change to mm2) was used at its (DBTT +,- 5C)

Task C (Template):

  • Q1) Brinell hardness test ( 10 mm indented, load 3000kg, 3.2 mm impression measured on the steel)

. Calculate the (HB) value obtained from this test ( show all work)

. HB = 2F/ (pie)D [ D – (sq root ( D^2 – d^2)) (ask how to use this equation)

  • Q2) Vickers hardness test ( load 10 KG, A or B = 0.51 mm measured on Brass)

. Calculate HV

  • Q3) already answered copy the table
  • Q4) briefly describe with 50 words difference between Rockwell and Vickers hardness test







Task D (Template):

         Q1) write suitable steels (in terms of C content) for the following applications (write each carbon name , percentage + why is it best ( ductile, tough, wear resistance etc..)

  • A hammer (Medium carbon steel, 0.7% – 0.8%C).
  • A surgeon’s scalpel ( Stainless steel, low carbon + Chromium + Nickel) for Corrosion resistance with blood.
  • Office staples (Low carbon steel, 0.1%-0.2).

Q2) from the lab.

  • Describe the phase of each steel according to the carbon content at certain temperature such as shown in the picture.(Delta iron, Austenite, Ferrite, Pearlite and cementite)
  • Draw microscope structure from lab and write the steel’s type (low, medium, high C content).p(5)

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