Teams in Air Traffic Management

Teams in Air Traffic Management

There are a number of recommended approaches for the successful functioning of teams
within air traffic management, including the implementation of team resource management
(TRM). The nature of team operations within an air navigation service provider can vary
dramatically, from a group of controllers working collaboratively within a tower cab, to a
team of controllers operating in adjacent airspace but not co-located (e.g., the aerodrome
controller and an approach controller), to a team of controllers who work the same group
of sectors on the same roster, but not necessarily at the same time. Review the literature
on TRM within air navigation service provision and critically evaluate its appropriateness
given the vastly different array of controller “teams”. Ideally you should recommend an
appropriate TRM strategy for each of the different types of controller teams, based on the
advantages and disadvantages of each of the TRM strategies discussed.

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