Tapping into global markets – Marketing Excellence Samsung

Tapping into global markets – Marketing Excellence Samsung

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This is required urgently within 6 hours. file is attached for the contents of the chapter. The presentation needs to be on Samsung case study page 614-615 attached and need to answer the 4 questions and relate the answers to the whole chapter to make sure that the content has same understanding of the chapter. also you need to include additional references about Samsung, like company background, sales information, company marketing strategies, conclusion and managerial recommendation. all related data will be attached. please stick to the presentation structure outline.

Presentation Outline and Requirements

Introduction and Background of the company
Slides, Handout, Style, Professionalism, Team work & Q&A Knowledge to cover the same chapter.
The image and picture should be a high resolution and diagram/flow charts similar to the book content shall be made by PowerPoint features itself.  No copy and paste.

Reference shall be included as well.

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