Sustainability Accounting Case Study (ROYAL MAIL)

Within the context of the sustainability report of ROYAL MAIL company you are required to critically discuss Gray’s (2010) statement. Your essay should draw upon relevant academic literature and discuss a theoretical framework that could be used to support your argument. Your essay should specifically consider the following issues:

a) To what extent does the sustainability report comply with the GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G4?
b) How the sustainability report compares to what is known from the academic literature on this subject?
c) Whether the sustainability report is (or should be) assured? And, if so, what level of assurance is provided?

Your essay should conclude by discussing the extent to which you agree with Gray’s (2010) statement. The essay is to be submitted on or before 13th January, 2016 by 12pm and should not exceed 3,000 words (word count should be included in the front cover of the assignment). The essay should be typed using Times New Roman font size 12, single spaced and on both sides of the paper. Essays should cite and reference academic journal articles. Both summative and formative feedback will be provided via standard coursework feedback sheet. 

THE COMPANY IS ROYAL MAIL and I have provided a sample paper about what should be done, use the paper as a guidance, don’t copy paste from it.

The writer should check the lectures which will uploaded , and the CSR reports for royal mail company in the previous years.

All in all, these are the parts that should be included:

1) introuduction about the company and whats the objective of this essay

2) extent of compliance with GRI’s Requirements (GRI4)

3) Report analysis of academic theory and framework

4) assurance levels and analyzing it

5) Conclusion and whether the writer agrees with Grays (2010) quote or not


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