supramolecular and Macromoecularl polymers – chemistry

writing a short review of the findings of the papers in a 1500 article of three papers from an author in the area of (Supramolecular and Macromolecular polymers Chemistry) published in the last 6 years

Here is the list of authors and you can pick whichever name you want but (only one author):
Sebastien Lecomandoux
James Hedrick
Didier Bourissou
Philippe Dubois
Sophie Guillaume
Christine Jerome
Timothy Deming
Andreas Heise
Matthew Davidson
Nikos Hadjichristadis
Karen Wooley
Zhiyuan Zhong
Anne-Christine Albertsson
Seema Agarwal
Geoffrey Coates
Marc Hillmyer
Charlotte Williams
Jan Feijen
Wim Hennink
Rob Duchateaux
Jean-Francois Carpentier
Robert Waymouth
Zi Chen Li
Michael Shaver
Jianjun cheng
Ludwick Leibler
Ian Hamley
Jan Van Hest
Jeroen Corneliessen
Axel Müller
Adi Eisenberg
Olivier Colombani
E W Meijer
Laurent Billon
Thomas Russell
Sam Stupp
Martina Stenzel
Per Zetterlund
Dennis Mitchell
Stuart Rowan
Feihe Huang
Oren Sherman
Dave J. Adams
Laurent Bouteiller
Alan E Rowan
Giuseppe Battaglia


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