Success in enterprise development

( assignment requirements, Grading Rubric, and two readings which are related to measuring entrepreneurial success)
Business model advice: Enterprise Development

Weighting: 30%

Word count: 2000, excluding title page, exec summary, table of contents and references


Overview and description

This assignment considers success in Enterprise Development, including how to define success and some appropriate measures of success. You will need to illustrate your discussion with case study material and formulate ‘take-away’ conclusions.


Learning objectives addressed

LO 2: Demonstrate an understanding of enterprise development strategies in different organisations.

LO 4: Communicate effectively in a variety of professional and business contexts


Tasks and structure ( Please follow the requirements below)



Provide an overview of the purpose of the report. Strive to connect to ‘bigger picture’ issues outside of this paper. Give a preview of main points.( Also you should provide example, statistic or story)



Section One: Success in Enterprise Development

Here, discuss different definitions or dimensions of success in Ent Dev. This section is primarily an introduction to the topic, explaining why judging success in enterprise development can be complex. Make reference to case study examples as appropriate, but in depth investigation of cases is not expected here.


Section Two: Measuring entrepreneurial success

In this section, identify and discuss three methods or frameworks for determining entrepreneurial (however defined) success of an enterprise. Conclude this section by selecting one framework or by proposing an adjusted/improved framework from those discussed.

Some common frameworks you might discuss include: traditional financial measures (profit, return on investment, turnover and so on); high growth; balanced scorecard; triple bottom line; and/or Baldrige model or other business excellence models.


Section Three: Case material

Illustrate the framework identified at the conclusion of Section Two through discussion of two cases. You may use cases covered in the course and/or include additional case material, but please indicate the source of this material. Use these illustrations to provide a set of conclusions regarding Ent Dev success that confirm and/or extend existing theory.



Provide a concise summary of the report findings. Offer 2-3 ‘take aways’ for readers. Tie back to the ‘bigger picture’ issue noted in the introduction.


Per APA style.

The main book you should use is:

Osterwalder, A., & Pigneur, Y. (2010). Business model


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