String rehearsals

Concert Reviews: These are Pass/Fail assignment. Failure of any part of this assignment will result in the loss of one letter grade for the Semester. Three concert reviews are required. During the semester of enrollment you will attend three live concerts or recitals and complete three essays of 500-1000 words. You must successfully meet the minimum of 500 words on all three papers. Concert Reviews are to be submitted within two weeks of live performances attended this semester. Papers are due by 11:59 PM Dec 8 and must be submitted electronically via EKU Blackboard Safe Assign. These assignments are required for you to count this class as part of your General Education core. Failure of this assignment for any reason will result in the loss of a letter grade for the semester. EKU IT/Bbd utilize software to determine length as well as check for plagiarism. Concert Reviews that fail are not eligible for resubmission. ——-Please make sure to answer all of these questions when you write the essay and make sure also you write about my topic and this event happend in EKU. Cite specific details from the concert/performance to support your opinions. You must provide basic information including who, what where, when and why the event took place. Choose one piece from the concert/performance and compare it to a work by a composer we have studied, or will study, in class. What are your opinions of this performance and most importantly – why? Was this performance what you expected? How would you describe the artistic and technical qualities of the music and performers? What ideas or experiences can you relate to that were encountered in a piece performed for this concert? Comment on ideas you think the composer may be trying to convey through piece? ***It is really OK to dislike certain types of music or to be devoted completely to others. The most important thing is for you to develop a better sense of why your feelings and tastes are motivated.*** Please make sure this is a safe assignment.


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